Sergiu Draganus


Sergiu Draganus
DAO Spark @ Ludo

In his position of DAO Spark @ Ludo, the value he brings is the vision on the Metaverse and NFT ecosystem, his experience in managing teams and building Saas platforms, BigData aggregation, and search algorithms.

Sergiu Draganus has founded CryptoCoin.PRO – FIAT On/Off Ramp, GeoRanker BigData/Search Algorithms Analysis Platform and BoostIT HUB digital marketing and development company.

His crypto journey started back in 2012 in crypto mining and later in 2017, building a licensed FIAT On/Off ramp, one of the market leaders in Central & Eastern Europe.


Supmedica Sp. z o.o (Former name Euro Marketing Management Sp. Z o.o.)
Aleje Jerozolimskie 162A, 02-342 Warsaw. Poland.
NIP (TIN): 7010630597