Rahim Blak


Rahim Blak – Co-founder of ☰ edrone – the first eCRM for eCommerce, the social media click community agency and the Sapiency holding, which focuses projects based on blockchain technology – Mosaico and Kanga Exchange. Rahim CEO of the Sapiency application – an application for tokenization of people, which, as a functional application, has been in existence since 2021, when creators from various backgrounds began to tokenize! It is a young project supported by people with passion and commitment to its further development. Rahim also combines blockchain technologies with the RES industry – renewable energy sources, thanks to which it manages distributed energy and shareholders of Copernic solar farms. A graduate of the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and MBA in Łódź. An extroverted entrepreneur and trainer, speaker at many conferences, where he wins the highest positions in the opinion of the participants. He loves sharing knowledge, which is why she expresses it in his films from the # UnderstandingBusiness series. He believes that creating Startups is an art.


Supmedica Sp. z o.o (Former name Euro Marketing Management Sp. Z o.o.)
Aleje Jerozolimskie 162A, 02-342 Warsaw. Poland.
NIP (TIN): 7010630597