Piotr Wróblewski 


Piotr Wróblewski  – Founder and CEO of the world’s first water-based cryptocurrency company Naiad Water Investments. He has been involved with sales business since the beginning of his career, and in the most recent years with the business aviation industry, e-commerce and the Crypto market. He has many years of experience in the private charter market, having co-founded the sales department in pioneering projects on the business aviation market in Poland and the United Kingdom. Later he was responsible for market building and sales development in a European e-commerce startup. He wants every person who comes in contact with Naiad Water Investment Coin to be more aware and interested in the topic of the water crisis and see the potential of cryptocurrency technology.


Supmedica Sp. z o.o (Former name Euro Marketing Management Sp. Z o.o.)
Aleje Jerozolimskie 162A, 02-342 Warsaw. Poland.
NIP (TIN): 7010630597