Paweł Łaskarzewski

SpecialitySynapse Network

Paweł Łaskarzewski  – Experienced ICT Manager & Engineer | FinTech, Blockchain & CBDC Expert

Is the Co-founder of one of the largest launchpads in the cryptocurrency sector, and at the same time one of the contenders on top of the podium for the largest technological organization on the market of decentralized finance, the Synapse Network. 

In his career, he has already co-created 5 startups active in the international arena to this day. He cooperated with organizations such as Boeing, City Bank, EuroSport, EU and the U.K Government. He was responsible for the implementation of two new banking services in the Polish market from scratch.  

His experience in the ​​financial, logistical and technological areas allowed him to acquire the necessary knowledge and perspective to thrive in this field, knowledge used to this day in the development and improvement of the decentralized finance sector to create an ecosystem that is completely safe and accessible to all users from more traditional markets.

His guidance is based on operational, conceptual and advisory work, including finding non-obvious solutions and supporting technology companies in the areas of fundraising, business development strategy, legal and regulatory fields, Web 3.0, cross-chain, Play2Earn and much more. For his actions, he was awarded as one of the Blockchain Experts of The Year in the ranking created by the USA Today portal.

Together with the Synapse Network team, he delivered the opportunity of easy and low-cost investments to more than half a million users around the world. What is more, he is one of the authors of the most effective anti-bot solution on the market, which combines many different mechanisms all aimed to protect the tokens listed on various decentralized exchanges. 

Alongside the Synapse team, he is also developing the concept of cross-chain as a stable and secure system that enables easy investments without any barrier. His activities are based on the popularization and adaptation of blockchain technology across the globe and as a result, he works to enable the revolutionization of the financial system based on the ​​#BeTheDeFiance vision.



Supmedica Sp. z o.o (Former name Euro Marketing Management Sp. Z o.o.)
Aleje Jerozolimskie 162A, 02-342 Warsaw. Poland.
NIP (TIN): 7010630597